Shane ThompsonQantas Pilot and entrepreneur, Shane Thompson.


For someone who has spent his childhood watching “Top Gun” over and over again, and now has a full-time job flying a commercial plane, which he’s been doing for the past 10 years, you could say that Shane Thompson has a life-long love affair with flight and travel.  From the Antarctic icebergs on the African route, and breakfast over the mountains of Afghanistan on the London Route to the Philippine islands on the way to Hong Kong, and the deep, frozen south coast of South America, his adventures are incredible and unlike anything we can imagine. Each journey is a unique experience, prominent in its own way.



39k feet above Hongkong

 34,000 feet above Hongkong. Photo: instagram @afternoonswithalbert


His desire for flying and world travel, and his creative, entrepreneurial tendencies, stem from his long, life-defining afternoons in the shed with his grandfather, Albert. He used to watch him work, observing closely as he manned the toolbox. His hands were worn and stained like the well-loved workbench he made a lifetime of furniture on. They moved slowly, considering every step in the process. When they came to a problem, they would solve it. If Shane said “It can’t,” his grandfather questions “Oh, but what if it could?”.

 Shane as a kid Shane with his grandfather, Albert. Photo: Shane Thompson


On one of these lovely afternoons, Shane tells his grandfather he wants to be a pilot when he grows up. He turns to Shane, his face crinkling into a smile, eyes twinkling.


“So, where will you go?” he asks.


Shane Thompson with co-pilot

Shane Thompson and co-pilot at the cockpit. Photo: instagram @afternoonswithalbert


With his grandfather’s belief and support for his future direction, Shane’s passionate and fulfilling life of adventure and freedom without limits became real. As a true-blue adventurer and traveller, Shane has managed to overcome and take control of jet lags to packing light and even inventing his own travel accessory, which he makes available for others at his website Afternoons With Albert that is dedicated in loving memory to his grandfather Albert, and the enjoyable afternoons they shared.


Afternoons with Albert

 Afternoons with Albert by Shane Thompson.


According to Shane, there are few things more satisfying than watching the sunrise from the cockpit at 35,000 feet. However, the one thing that does match this for Shane, is seeing something he’s created in use. While travelling Shane sees moments paused by unnecessary interruptions and is driven to fix those problems. He remembers what his grandfather Albert taught him and creates the things he sees in his head - things that don’t yet exist; but if they did, they would make the everyday a little better. Things that are made to last and evolve and to go where you go, so you can get lost in whatever it is that you’re doing.


Making the Cord Roll

Beautifully hand-stitched leather.



Cord Roll

The Cord Roll, designed by Shane Thompson.


His passion for travelling combined with his inherent creative tendencies inspired him to create the Cord Roll, a clever travel cord organizer which aims to make travelling with technology easier. With his love for travelling along with those memories of spending long and lovely afternoons in the shed of Albert his grandfather, Shane invented a product that is cool, functional and easy-to-use. Afternoons with Albert is now his design company which is a tribute to his grandfather who has instilled in him a love for form, function and beauty.   


Cord Roll flat lay

Simple, functional and easy-to-use.


The Cord Roll is the first product from Afternoons with Albert, designed to keep all the cables you need for travelling in one neat leather accessory. Hand-stitched and made from pure vegetable-tanned leather, the cord has three loops for cables and earphones, including a pocket for a wall plug, hair ties, USB stick, lip balm or a small tube of hand cream. It prevents cables from getting tangled and lost in your bag. At five grams and measuring the length of a pen and designed with a traveller in mind, it fits easily into your jacket, pocket or bag.


Cord Roll flat lay

Handcrafted leather Cord Roll.



Holding the Cord Roll

The Cord Roll in the colour tan.


For a commercial airline pilot, a mad skier, surfer and now an entrepreneur, Shane prides himself on creating a design that’s raw and real: designs for a life well-lived. And whether he is taken to places of urban landscapes, exotic or off-the-beaten track, his practical invention makes him ready for more adventure - and now does the same for other people too.


Shane created Afternoons With Albert for people who are looking for something more.


Their adventure. Their moment. Themselves.  


For people ready to go.

Cord Roll

The stylish and functional Cord Roll.