Scattered across Australia are geothermal, mineral-rich, natural pools that are sourced from the Great Artesian basin — a massive underground supply of freshwater. These thermal spring pools are proven to promote physical and mental relaxation, support healing and improve your overall wellbeing.


There are over 50 identified hot springs in Australia and we've curated 10 of the best and the most decadent to put on your weekend bucket list. So soak up, relax and enjoy planning a heavenly weekend escape!


1. Mataranka Thermal Pool, Northern Territory


 Mataranka Thermal Pool



Bathe in the crystal clear and soothing warm waters of Mataranka Thermal Pool at Elsey National Park. The sandy-bottomed thermal pool is framed and shaded by beautiful palm trees and lush green bushland. There is also a man-made stair to make entry into the thermal waters very easy.

2. Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs, Victoria


Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs


Take a dip and relax in the mineral-rich waters of the luxurious Peninsula Hot Springs before enjoying a wine tasting and a delicious lunch.  Ease into the healing waters and soothing environs of 20 various baths including mineral spring pools, an underground sauna, private outdoor baths, cave pools, Turkish steam baths and a stunning hilltop retreat.


3. Katherine Hot Springs, Northern Territory


Katherine Hot Springs 


Located on the banks of the Katherine River, the breathtaking hot springs near the small township of Katherine offers a perfect spot for a little lunchtime picnic and a recreational dip. The spring usually averages around 32 degrees which makes it a perfect destination all year round.


4. Bitter Springs, Northern Territory


 Bitter Springs


Swim along the deep creek and stunning crystal clear waters of Bitter Springs, again in Katherine, NT. The Katherine region is famous for its hot springs but Bitter Springs in Elsey National Park is an area barely touched by man. Snorkel and see turtles as you drift with the current in the ethereal teal waters of this palm-fringed waterhole.


5. Zebedee Thermal Springs, Western Australia


Zebedee Thermal Springs


Wander through the beautiful greenery, and find yourself at Zebedee Springs, a magical oasis of thermal pools and mini waterfalls nestled at the base of sheer sandstone cliffs at El Questro Station in WA.  Soak and relax in the warm waters that are lined with palm trees and lush vegetation,  a truly tranquil experience. 


6. Blue Mountains Sparadise, New South Wales


Blue Mountains Sparadise


Inspired by Japanese bathing, The Blue Mountains Sparadise is a tranquil retreat featuring a herbal steam bath, hot and cold spring baths, as well as breathtaking views and a Japanese Zen garden. The indoor and outdoor hot pools are complemented by herbal steams, massages, facials and a Japanese-style teahouse.


7. Innot Hot Springs, Queensland


Innot Hot Springs


Located in the tableland Region of the Far North Queensland, you’ll find the geothermal Innot Hot Springs,  where hot water bubbles alongside the Nettle Creek’s sandy bed. The shallow mineral pools temperature can reach a scorching 75 degrees. You can have a shovel and go on a digging adventure for thermal spring water or pull up the caravan at the Innot Springs Leisure and Health Park, where several man-made pools have a regulated temperature.


8. Dalhousie Springs, South Australia


Dalhousie Springs


Stand on a wooden platform in Witjira National Park on the edge of the Simpson Desert and dive into the 36 degrees of bliss that is the long natural oasis of Dalhousie. The springs here are steeped in Aboriginal history and support unique aquatic life.


9. Lightning Ridge Bore Baths, New South Wales


Lightning Ridge Bore Baths


A deep circular pool called the Lightning Ridge Bore Baths, stand open to an outback sky and is fed by hot waters from the Great Artesian Basin, which is the largest and deepest artesian basin in the world. Here, you’ll find a bore that regularly pushes new water to the surface for perfect temperatures of 40 to 50 degrees Celsius.


10. Deep Blue Geothermal Baths


Deep Blue Geothermal Baths


Drift in the therapeutic geothermal water’s at the Deep Blue Bath House in Warrnambool, Victoria. The baths form a part of the spa facilities at the Deep Blue Resort. Here, the pools circulate water from an ancient underground source known as the Dilwyn Aquifer.