Famous for its majestic sandstone mountain ranges which offer panoramic views, the Grampians region in Victoria offers incredible places and outdoor experiences perfect for a holiday weekend.  Its amazing hikes, scenic lookouts, dazzling waterfalls, stunning flora and fauna, aboriginal art and many more, gives you enough tranquillity and serenity that comes from being in nature.


Here we give you 12 incredible places to experience in one of Victoria’s best-kept secrets only two-hour road trip away from Melbourne and an hour from Ballarat. 


1. Boroka Lookout


Boroka Lookout

Misty morning at Boroka Lookout


Drive up Mt Difficult Road to Boroka Lookout, one of the best lookouts in the Grampians. Only a short walk away from the car park, it features a 180-degree panoramic view of Halls Gap and Lake Bellfield. You can also pack a lunch and enjoy the view from their picnic tables.


 2. MacKenzies Falls


MacKenzies Falls

Water cascades all-year round at the MacKenzie Falls


Take a  scenic 2-kilometre trek to MacKenzie Falls and discover a beautiful, towering and spectacular cascade of flowing water. It is regarded as one of the largest and most popular waterfalls in the Grampians.


3. Lake Bellfield


Lake Bellfield

Still Lake Bellfield


With a grand vista of the Grampians mountain range, Lake Bellfield makes a perfect spot to relax under shady trees and dip in the lakes' calm waters. The lake offers sandy beaches for swimmers and easy access into the water. The lake is the local hot spot for keen fishers, kayakers and canoers.


4. Mount William


Mount William

Bluish haze over the Grampians from Mount William


Accessible by car, the 1,167-metre Mount William is the highest point in the park and provides a stunning 360-degree view of mountain ranges and open plains.


5. The Pinnacle


The Pinnacle

The iconic Pinnacle


 Take the iconic Pinnacle walk and hike to the most popular lookout in the region and marvel at the spectacular scenery of the Grampians.  The iconic Pinnacle walk and lookout is one of the highlights of the area.  At the lookout, see Halls Gap far below, as well as Lake Bellfield.  At the summit, get a close-up look at the irregular and fascinating rock formations for which the Grampians are so well-known.


6. J Ward Museum


J Ward Museum

 J Ward Museum Walls


Take a guided tour or a ghost tour and discover what life was like for inmates at the J Ward Museum. It was initially a goldfields prison but was transitioned into a maximum security psychiatric ward for the criminally insane in 1887. It was closed down in 1991.


7. Grampians Flora Botanic Garden


Grampians Flora Botanic GardenLovely purple flowers at Grampians Flora Botanic Garden


Take a lovely walk amongst beautiful garden with a great array of native plants and fauna at the Grampians Flora Botanic Garden. Small but picturesque, this community garden has no paid staff and is totally volunteer funded and managed. It is located where the Venus Baths Loop starts.


8. The Balconies


The Balconies

Magnificent view from the Balconies 


The perfect location for misty mornings and autumnal sunsets, the Balconies offers panoramic and magnificent views of the Victoria Range, Lake Wartook and Mount Difficult. It was previously known as the Jaws of Death.


9. Wineries



 Mist-covered vineyard


Enjoy fine food and wine at one of the many wineries or top restaurants in the region. The Grampians is home to some of Australia's oldest vines and olive groves. You can also go on a winery tour and explore the lovely vineyards while tasting quality reds and vibrant whites.


10. Brambuk The National Park and Cultural Centre


Brambuk The National Park and Cultural CentreBrambuk in the early evening


Experience Aboriginal culture at Brambuk, the longest running Aboriginal centre in Australia. Discover impressive indigenous culture through art exhibitions and artefact displays. Paint boomerangs, taste bush tucker, take part in a didgeridoo workshop or see the Gariwerd Creation Story in the Gariwerd Dreaming Theatre.


11. Wildflowers



Lovely yellow wildflowers  


Be spellbound by the stunning beauty of the Grampian regions parks, renowned for their rugged mountains, wildlife, and colourful wildflower displays. In fact, the lush area of the Grampians National Park hosts many community wildflower festivals and events in spring.


12. Bunjil Shelter


Bunjil Shelter

Bunjil and the two dingoes


Visit the famous Bunjil's Shelter, one of the most important and impressive aboriginal rock art sites in the region.  See Bunjil, the spirit ancestor and traditional creator of the land, depicted with his two dingoes.


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