Little Blue Lake and Ralph Falls, Tasmania. Video: Damon Heather


There are some superb day trips to enjoy in Tasmania, and a very memorable one is Little Blue Lake at South Mount Cameron; just 4 hours from Hobart or 2 hours from Launceston.


Whether you are based in Launceston or Hobart, Little Blue Lake is one for the itinerary. It is a breathtaking sight to behold when you get out of your car and approach the brightest, bluest lake you will ever see! It is a wonderful place to take a walk, practice some photography and have a bite to eat.


Little Blue Lake is so vividly bright blue due to the high mineral content, mainly consisting of tin, which remains as a result of the mining that once took place in the area.


It is one of several lakes in this region of Tasmania that is the result of mining. When the mining operations ceased, the miners grabbed their bags and left town and the pit was filled with water to become a place of recreation.


While this lake’s bright blue colour makes it very enticing, it is not a swimming lake due to the metals that remain in the water from its mining past. Instead, enjoy a picnic and the beautiful view! There are paths to follow around the lake providing different view points; plenty of places to sit and relax and dramatic cliffs that are 10 metres high, lining the Little Blue Lake.


Little Blue Lake

Little Blue Lake, Tasmania. Photo: Aaron Moy Photography


Little Blue Lake in Tasmania is also a great place to try your luck at gem hunting with topaz, smokey quartz and amethyst being found readily in the area.


If you travelled from Launceston, be sure to stop off at Ralph Falls on your way back. There are signs that lead the way. Here you can take a short trail through pristine forest before reaching the cascading falls and lovely view of the surrounding farmland. Like Little Blue Lake, this is another well-kept secret to enjoy in beautiful Tasmania.