Set against a spectacular backdrop of the beach and an estuary twice the size of Sydney Harbour, Mandurah, located just an hour south of Perth is a vibrant tourist destination you don't want to miss.


Here we share 10 incredible reasons to visit and experience Mandurah.


 1. Ultimate Aquatic Playground


Mandurah Estuary

 Aerial photograph of Mandurah, Western Australia. Photo credit:


With its miles of spectacular coastline and inland waterways, Mandurah is a water playground. Find fun exploring the open ocean, estuary, lake and rivers by boating, jet ski, jetboarding, canoe or fishing.




 2. Mandurah’s Venetian Canals



Lovely canals at Villa Port Grimaud on Bouvard Island, Mandurah, WA. Photo:


Known as the modern-day Venice,  Mandurah is a beautiful city of waterways, canals, alleys, parks and restaurants. Explore the lovely canals on a cruise or by hiring a boat. Marvel at the impressive Mediterranean waterfront canal villas and luxury apartments that have grown in numbers over the years.




3.  Mandurah’s Playful Dolphins



A playful dolphin leaping high into the air. Photo credit:


As you take a cruise around the canals or while you dine out at one of the waterfront cafes, keep an eye out for dolphins. Mandurah is home to one of the healthiest dolphin populations.



4.  The Thrombolites of Lake Clifton



Thrombolites, a living relic and a unique look at what life was like at the dawn of time.  Photo credit:


Resembling the earliest forms of life on earth, thrombolites which are limestone in colour and round shape can only be found in a few places in the world. And Lake Clifton at Yalgorup National Park in Mandurah has them. These living fossils have sheltered in the lake for over a millenia!  


5.  The Blue Manna Crabs


Blue Manna Crabs

Fresh blue manna crabs at one of the waterfront restaurants in Mandurah, WA. Photo credit:


Feast on delicious Blue Manna crabs which are native to Mandurah. Mandurah is known as the "crab city" for its fantastic crabbing spots and large population of crabs. Either you catch them yourself on a crabbing cruise or eat them up at one of the many restaurants along the waterfront.


6. The Wetlands


Creery Wetlands

The 29-hectare Creery Wetlands Nature Reserve is an important feeding and roosting area for waterbirds and shorebirds. Photos:, lovely stroll, Stuart Smith


Visit the majestic Creery Wetlands, a 30-acre of nature reserve that are important habitat for over 130 different species of native and migratory birds. Take a stroll on the boardwalk and take the short trail to view stunning birdlife.


7. Golfer’s Paradise


Golfer's Paradise

Magnificent ocean vista at the Cut Golf Course in Mandurah, WA. Photo credit:


With six world-class golf courses, three of which are set against the spectacular Indian Ocean and the other three surrounded by stunning forest and wildlife, Mandurah is a golfer's paradise.




8.  Amazing Beaches



Quiet and beautiful Halls Head Beach in Mandurah, WA. Photo credit:


Enjoy relaxing and swimming on the beautiful sandy beaches that are family friendly and sheltered, most are located right next to Mandurah’s Marina. Drive a 4WD on sand through Tims Thiket, Preston Beach and Whitehills Beach. Swim safely with the family at Preston, Silver Sands, Doddi’s and Falcon Bay. If you want to hit the surf, go to Pyramids and Avalon Point.


9. Laid-back Lifestyle


Laidback Lifestyle

Waterfront views at Eastern Foreshore Park in Mandurah, WA. Photo credit: tony12cu


Despite Mandurah's population growth, it still retains its pleasant, laid-back and relaxed holiday atmosphere. It has all the modern facilities but with the added bonus a simple and peaceful country lifestyle. Now who wouldn’t want that?


10. Dolphin Quay


Dolphin Quay

Alfresco seating for restaurants & cafes at Dolphin Quay in Mandurah, WA. Photo credit:


With its waterside shops, restaurants and cafes, the Dolphin Quay Marina is a popular attraction in Mandurah. The amazing view overlooking the ocean is the perfect backdrop for the many market style shopping, restaurants and specialty stores.


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