Nestled upon the Denmark River that gracefully flows into the Wilson Inlet in the Great Southern Region, the picturesque village of Denmark sits tranquil and beautiful. With its rugged coastline and stunning beaches to the south and tall timber country in the hinterland, Denmark has become a popular holiday destination and an alternative to Western Australia’s highly developed south-west coastal holiday towns.


Loved because of its gorgeous beaches, amazing wineries and beautiful tree-lined drives, we give you more reasons to fall in love and visit this beautiful forested village, and their happy and peaceful locals.


1. Greens Pool


Greens PoolAzure waters of Greens Pool. Photo: tripadvisor @Graeme R


One of Denmark’s most loved tourist spots is Greens Pool with its expansive pristine white sandy beach and huge granite boulders with the colour of pale sapphires called the Elephant rocks. These rocks look like herd of elephants wading in the shallow waters. They make Green Pool almost completely sheltered from the waves making it a complete paradise. With its spectacular views and stunning crystal water, Greens Pool is definitely one of Australia's best beaches.


2.  Mount Shadforth Scenic Drive


Mount Shadforth Scenic DriveA car cruising along Mount Shadforth scenic drive. Photo:


Scenic, beautiful and breathtaking, the Mount Shadforth stretch takes you along pastured farmlands, rolling hills, romantic vineyards, ocean vistas, past quaint country homes and tall white trunks of towering native trees. Journey through these magnificent karri forests and be amazed at one of the tallest trees in the world, reaching heights of 90 metres. Those twists and turns in the road combined with panoramic views make it such a joy to drive along.


3. Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walks


Valley of the Giants Tree Top WalksOne of the popular attractions in Denmark, WA. Photo: TripAdvisor, Tom Dempsey, Valley of the giants,


Get a bird's eye view of the giant red tingle trees at the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk, 40 metres from the ground. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the forest as you head to the treetop walk which is a lightweight and architecturally-designed bridge that winds gently upwards to the forest's upper canopy. You can also descend to the boardwalks and take the Ancient Empire Walk. Feel the fresh air, the tranquillity and serenity these magnificent walks can give.  


4. Denmark Dinosaur World


DinosaurDinosaur skeletons display at Denmark Dinosaur World. Photo: Denmark Dinosaur World


Marvel at the world-class exhibition of Dinosaur Skeletons including the only T-Rex in Australia at Denmark Dinosaur World just a mere 10-minute drive from Treetop Walk. Experience a hands-on, interactive adventure into the world of birds and reptiles. Meet the Protoceratops, the horned dinosaurs or the Velociraptor made infamous in the movie “Jurassic Park”. You can also learn about conservation and breeding programmes of endangered animals such as the Giant Macaws from the Amazon rainforest of South America. 


5. William Bay National Park


William Bay National ParkGorgeous William Bay National Park. Photo:


Covering almost two thousand hectares with some of the most breathtaking coastlines, William Bay National Park is worth exploring and visiting. It includes the famous attractions such as the Greens Pool and the Elephant Rocks. Take the Bibbulmun Track as it winds its way through the best sections of the trail showing off panoramic views of the ocean. It also overlooks an ancient stone formation called the  Tower Hill.


6. Wineries and Cellar Doors


VineyardVineyard at Denmark, WA. Photo:


Extending up to 34 kms, the scenic Scotsdale drive will take you to orchards and wineries that offer Michelin Star winning restaurants, picnic areas, live entertainment and their award-winning wines. Take this beautiful route and enjoy a day of dining and wine tasting surrounded by magnificent views. Denmark is part of the Great Southern wine producing region and has gained an international reputation for its premium cool-climate wines.


7. Wildflowers


WildflowersWildflowers in bloom at Denmark, WA. Photo:


Be in awe at the beautiful and delicate wildflowers with shades of pink, orange, red and deep red that adorn Denmark’s countryside from late August through to late summer. Take a scenic drive or walk the many trails through temperate forests and be captivated with the colourful forest canopy of wildflowers and abundance of flora and fauna. In spring, where flowers are in full bloom, nature’s wild burst of colours will make you breathless.


8. Ocean Beach


Ocean BeachBreathtaking Ocean Beach. Photo: East Kimberley Photography


Ocean Beach’s beautiful white sand and pristine water is Denmark’s premier surfing spot. A short drive from the town centre, it is easily accessible for visitors and locals alike.  Depending on the time of the year, you can either walk across the shallow sandbar that will take you to the Nullaki Peninsula or the open channel from the Wilson Inlet where the dark waters pour into the ocean. Either way, Ocean Beach is simply spectacular.


9. Lights Beach


Lights BeachVisitors try swimming at Lights Beach. Photo:


Laze on the beach and bask under the sun at Denmark’s Lights Beach which can also be found at William Bay National Park. You can also enjoy sightseeing, surfing and fishing in this gorgeous white sand beach.  While the place is spectacular, it can also be wild and dangerous. It is still a great place for watching large waves, although it is unsuitable for swimming.


10. Spas and Health Clubs


SpaSpa Retreats in Denmark boasts panoramic views. Photo:


Treat yourself to a rejuvenating massage and pampering at one of Denmark's many spa retreats. Denmark is known the "Spa Mecca" in Western Australia, and many offer glorious views.  Indulge in posh pampering and surrender yourself to utter relaxation as your troubles are kneaded away. There are chalets at Celestine Retreat perched on Mount Shadforth with spectacular views of the ocean, and the Karri Mia's bungalows have these same serene views for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.