Sarah Taylor Wall Art


Animals have long been a favourite subject in art. The beauty of animals has made them into majestic muses of the earliest and even modern-day artists. And that certainly rings true for Sarah Taylor, a contemporary visual artist from Cumbria in the UK, who uses her fascination with animals and wildlife to create art.  With her distinctive style that evokes a strong sense of character, she brings animals to life and in such a fun and amazing way. From farm animals such as cows, cats, goats, hares and peacocks to woodland animals including koalas and birds, her paintings are incredibly eye-catching and stunning.




Sarah Taylor Art 


Sarah works with a subject she loves the most and that makes her paintings stand out on a wall. “I have always been fascinated by the relationship between people and animals, the subconscious desire to anthropomorphise, to project our human character and emotions onto the animal kingdom,” says Sarah.


Sarah Taylor 


Since 2009, Sarah has been selling art and has held series of exhibitions. But in 2015, she decided to go full-time as an artist and threw everything in her art.


The eyes are the main focal point of her wildlife paintings and where you find the soul. Through it, she captures the spirit and soul of an animal. Her aim is to make the eyes very realistic and from there, she lets her imagination and creativity take over.




“When you look into their eyes you begin to piece together their story; their soul emerges and before you know it, you’ve made a personality that can’t be ignored,” Sarah says. In fact, she names the animals she features in her paintings. There is Maggie Moo who likes to dance, Cyril the Squirrel who spins on one foot and poses for the camera, and Night’s Watch the Owl, whose eyes pierce your soul. 


Koala and Peacock



Today, Sarah Taylor is a celebrated geometric stylist and paint-splash hero, wonderfully creating animal paintings through splashing and blowing paint. After one happy accident in her studio, she finally discovered her unique style of creating art. The accident? She tripped over her studio cat, named Bojangles! It was what happened next, though, which created her new found style of art!




After tripping over Bojangles, the large teacup of fuchsia pink ink she was holding was sent into the air and landed on a painting she was working on. The pink splash of colour looked amazing. Without thinking, she threw the water from the other cup she was also holding on top of the painting, creating a very pretty streak of vibrant colours. With creative juices suddenly flowing, Sarah got drinking straws and an old hairdryer and spent the afternoon splashing and blowing paint. Soon after, she found a unique technique that had people admiring and buying her art worldwide.


Zeus the goat 


With ‘weapons of choice’ - drinking straws and a battered hairdryer - Sarah create stunning paintings of animals by layering multiple colours and then adding geometric patterns and lines in contrast to the splashes.  Playing with liquids in such a way takes away an element of control and forces me to react to what happens and let the painting evolve," Sarah explains. The prints are a mix of bright paint splashes and fine geometric patterns that make the paintings simply beautiful.


Currently, Sarah sells her art worldwide through her website, Sarah Taylor Art. She also specialises in commissions creating one-off special pieces for her customers. Her numerous upcoming ventures are in line to promote her new fine art prints and to spread a love for animals through her art. Her deep passion, unwavering commitment and love for animals is here to inspire.