As Australia’s largest outdoor gallery, the Silo Art which has swept across rural Australia has been putting small towns on the map.  These massive work of art have been a game changer for bringing some positive perceptions in the regions, their people and industries, and the unique canvas they provide. The stunning 200-km Silo Art Trail in Victoria and the Public Silo Trail in Western Australia has become a source of pride for their host towns and a drawcard for roadtrip adventurers.


Take a look at these 10 stunning Silo Art and start planning an epic road trip!




Kimba Silo ArtKimba Silo Art in all its glory


Located halfway across Australia, Kimba’s stunning silo art depicts a young child in a wheat field at sunset. It was painted by Melbourne artist Cam Scale and officially opened last September 2017. The remarkable silo art is the first to be permanently lit up in South Australia and the second in Australia.




Tumby Bay Silo ArtSuper-sized silo art in the rural town of Tumby Bay


Showing two boys jetty jumping, a favourite summer pastime, the spectacular Tumby Bay silo art was harder to complete than the others as it runs horizontally. It was completed in April 2018 by an Argentinean-born artist named Martin Ron and a Sydney artist, Matt Garrick. It took them 430 litres of paint and 5 weeks to complete the stunning masterpiece.




Weethalle Silo ArtA must-see rural attraction at Weethalle


With stunning colours used on the giant silos, the Weethalle Silo Art is well worth the road trip. It was painted by a Mongolian-born mural artist, Heesco Khosnaran. The spectacular image of a shearer, a grain farmer and a small flock of sheep perched high on a balcony was based on a concept developed by the local council and Weethalle community recognizing the town’s agricultural history.




 Thallon Silo ArtThe mighty piece of graffiti art is now the pride of the outback town, Thallon. Population: 257


Created by two artists Joel Fergie and Travis Vinson, the stunning Thallon Silo Art brought a drought-stricken town to life. It featured images of the wheat, the mustering sheep and the Monnie River. Remarkably, the artists created this from just an image on an A4 drawing and took three weeks to complete.




Devenish Silo ArtStunning war mural at Devenish


Painted by Melbourne artist Cam Scale over 11 days, the breathtaking silo art of Devenish in northern Victoria depicts two women, 100 years apart - a WWI nurse and a modern-day army medic. During World War I, 50 of its 300 citizens - one in six - signed up to serve. 




Brim Silo ArtGuido van Helten's "Farmer Quartet" offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of others.


The iconic Brim silo art created by Guido van Helten was the first silo art to appear in Victoria. After gaining widespread local and international attention, Brim’s silo art success shone a spotlight on the Wimmera-Mallee region and inspired the establishment of the Silo Art Trail. The scene depicts four Brim residents and representative of the drought-stricken farming community.




Coonalpyn Silo ArtSilo art, breathing life into the town of Coonalpyn


The stunning 30-metre high mural on the still operational grain silos in the small rural town of Coonalpyn portrays five primary school children which represent the future of their town. Created by the internationally-acclaimed Brisbane artist Guido van Helten, this larger than life celebration of the youth and promise of children is worth stopping to admire.




Fyansford Silo ArtGeelong-born street artist Rone breathes life into Fyansford silos


Painted by world-renowned street artist Rone, the Fyansford Silo Art pays tribute to the unsung trio- a direct descendant of Queen Mary of the Wadawurrung, a winner of the 2012 Paralympics and a former cement works employee who worked on the site for 35 years.  





Sheep Hills Silo ArtAmazing indigenous-themed Sheep Hills mural


Located in the northern Wimmera, the stunning Sheep Hills silo art depicts members of the Barengi Gadjin community representing the passing on of knowledge from Elders to the next generation. Sitting at a huge 30 metre high and 40 metre wide silos, international artist Adnate painted the amazing masterpiece in four weeks.




Lascelles Silo ArtStunning giant grain silos of Lascelles


Painted by the celebrated Melbourne-based artist Rone, the amazing Lascelles Silo Art depicts local farming couple Geoff and Merrilyn Horman, a family that has lived and farmed in the area for four generations. Rone worked for two weeks to transform the two 1939-built giant GrainCorp silos which is now part of the Silo Art Trail.