Cape Jervis in the beautiful southern tip of Fleurieu Peninsula is more than just a terminal for ferries crossing the famous Kangaroo Island. This small town is home to some of the most stunning ocean and country views in South Australia.  If you love wildlife and incredible scenery, Cape Jervis is definitely the place to go.


Here we give you the top 10 things to see in the breathtaking Cape Jervis, SA.


1. Cape Jervis Lighthouse


Cape Jervis Lighthouse


Dating from 1972, the modern lighthouse of Cape Jervis is located on a headland known as Lands End. The lighthouse is best viewed from Cape Jervis Lookout, with the beautiful deep blue colours of the ocean in the background. During sunrise or sunset, the lovely warm colours also paint a stunning view of the lighthouse.


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2. Starfish Hill Windfarm


Starfish Hill Windfarm


Located across two hills on the tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula, the spectacular Starfish Hill Wind Farm was the first wind farm built in South Australia. Aside from breathtaking views, the 23 wind turbines provide enough energy to meet the needs of about 18,000 households.


3. Tapanappa Lookout


Tapanappa Lookout


This spot is a favourite for campers and hikers, with countless walking trails leading through rugged bushland, past rocky cliffs and overlooking vast blue seas – and of course, there’s wildlife just about everywhere!


4. Morgan Beach


Morgan Beach


Nestled below 50 metre high cliffs, the beautiful and secluded Morgan Beach is an unpatrolled pristine sandy beach perfect for swimming, fishing and snorkelling. You can also explore the clifftops and the sandhills or ride a 4WD when going to the beach.


 5. Deep Creek Waterfall

 Deep Creek Falls


Walk through the forest and enjoy a hike down to the stunning Deep Creek Waterfall. Although the waterfall generally only flows in winter and after rains, the lovely waterhole is permanent.


6. Heysen Trail


Heysen Trail 


The famous 1,200 km long Heysen Trail starts at Cape Jervis and in the Flinders Ranges. The trail follows sandy coastal tracks and coastal hillsides, providing spectacular views over Backstairs Passage to Kangaroo Island. You may also be rewarded with sightings of seals and dolphins. If you walk in the early morning, you can spot the resident birds, such as the superb fairy-wrens and white-browed scrub-wrens.


7. Deep Creek Conservation Park

 Deep Creek Conservation Park


Let the spectacular landscapes and 15 walking trails refresh you as you explore one of South Australia's most loved camping destinations. It has the largest remaining stringybark forest in the region with wildflowers that bloom every season and an array of Australian wildlife.


8. Cape Jervis Countryside


Rolling Hills


Roll your windows down and take in the spectacular scenery of rolling hills and farmlands as you drive along the Main South Road of Cape Jervis.


9. Blowhole Beach


Blowhole Beach


Take a dip at the stunning Blowhole Beach near the western edge of Deep Creek Conservation Park. You can sometimes see dolphins in the surf and kangaroos nearby.



10. Wildlife




Cape Jervis offers plentiful encounters with wildlife-  western grey kangaroos, scarlet robins echidnas, bluetongue lizards, yellow-tailed black cockatoos or the elusive southern brown bandicoot among many others.


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