A beautiful sunset shot is probably included in every traveller's bucket list.  Whether it’s a beach, mountain or city destination, we always find time to relax and wait until sundown just to capture an amazing sunset. It is truly incredible and beautiful, especially how it can turn the sky into a canvas.  There is something magical about it. It creates a spectacular light show that demands us to watch and be captured by its beauty. With brilliant hues of red, yellow and lavender splashed across the sky, it has become a constant inspiration for poets, romantics and travellers alike. 


In case you're looking for some inspiration for your next sunset-spotting adventure, here are 10 stunning sunset images that will inspire you to travel and make some memories.


1. Sydney Harbour Bridge, New South Wales


Sydney Harbour Bridge Photo: Jon Hawton


Nature's most splendid lightshow! The sun sets over the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, the world's largest steel arch bridge. Staged in its beautiful harbour, "The Coathanger" as it is fondly called, has become an acclaimed international symbol of Australia. It was opened in 1932 and took 1,400 men eight years to build.



2. Byron Bay, New South Wales


Sunset at Byron BayPhoto: Ripkips


The beautiful beaches of Byron Bay in Western Australia make an incredible backdrop for a picture perfect sunset. Byron Bay in New South Wales is mainland Australia's easternmost town and home to gorgeous beaches, lush rainforests and alternative lifestyles.



3. Busselton, Western Australia


Sunset at Busselton JettyPhoto: Shane Larsen


Watching the rich and golden sunset colours at the iconic Busselton Jetty is an experience one should not miss. As the world’s longest wooden jetty, reaching almost 2 kilometres out to the open sea, it has plenty of space for you to sit back and watch the glorious sunset.


4. Lord Howe Island, New South Wales


Lord Howe IslandPhoto: Luke Hanson


The sun’s setting rays make the vibrant colours of the Lord Howe’s landscape glow against the deepening blue of the sky. Lord Howe Island is a tiny island in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand. It is known for its lush rainforest, subtropical beaches and rugged mountainous terrain.  It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its virgin forests, with many of its plants and animals found nowhere else in the world.



5. Uluru, Northern Territory


Sunset Uluru


Uluru, Australia’s most popular natural landmark is not only known for its immense size and beauty but also its view of the sun setting majestically over the Australian outback and casting its glow over it. Definitely not to be upstaged by the sun and the sky, Uluru transforms dramatically each night as the sun colours it in brilliant hues of red and brown. Hike to the top of the dunes as it is the best vantage point for a magnificent view of Uluru and the nearby ancient rock formations.



6. Mindil Beach, Darwin, Northern Territory


Sunset at MindilPhoto: Racheal Christian


Head to Mindil beach and ready yourself for some intense background scenery, as you watch the sun fall below the horizon in amazing splash of colours. Famous for its amazing sunsets, blue skies and party nights, Mindil Beach holds the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, which runs during the dry season. It boasts of stalls that feature international cuisine, arts and entertainment.



7. Cape du  Couedic, Flinders Chase National Park, South Australia


Cape du  CouedicPhoto: TCS World Travel


Cape du Couedic in Kangaroo Island is a perfect place to watch the sun slipping below the horizon and turns the sky brilliant shades of blue and gold. Nestled in Flinders Chase National Park, Cape du Couedic is famous for its wildlife and breathtaking coastlines.



8.  Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia


GlenelgPhoto: Andrey Moisseyev


Rich, golden haze envelops the beautiful Glenelg Pier during sunset. Glenelg is a popular beachside suburb of the South Australian capital of Adelaide. It has become a popular tourist destination with its white sandy shores that are backed by hotels, restaurants, bars and amusement parks. This bustling commercial seaside town also boasts of rich marine life with its famous wild dolphins.



9. Cape York Peninsula, Queensland


Cape York PeninsulaPhoto: My Aussie Travel Guide


As the northernmost point of the Australian continent, Cape York Peninsula also called "The Tip", lets you witness beautiful sunset skies. Cape York Peninsula is a remote peninsula in the far north of Queensland well worth travelling through. It is one of the last remaining wilderness areas in the world. 


10. Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Queensland


CoolangattaPhoto:  Ryan Fowler Photography


For an epic Queensland sunset experience, head to the southerly coastal town of Coolangatta, a suburb of City of Gold Coast in Queensland. It is famous for its gorgeous beaches and quiet natural beauty. Modern yet laidback, Coolangatta offers beautiful beaches with fewer crowds than those of the central Gold Coast.