Tour de VinesTour de Vines group-guided tour. Photo: Tour de Vines


Imagine being able to feel happy, healthy and guilt-free while indulging in some of the most divine food and wine experiences you'll ever get to experience? With Tour de Vines, this is the delightful reality, as you get to enjoy breathtaking scenery as you ride a bike through Australia’s vineyards and dine at its best restaurants! You might be a ‘wannabe’ cyclist or an occasional rider wanting to experience the great outdoors; on the otherhand, you might be a seasoned cyclist just wanting to enjoy great food and wine while taking in the breathtaking views. With Australia’s amazing natural open spaces, gorgeous weather and clean fresh air, going on an ultimate cycling holiday makes an epic and totally unforgettable experience. 


Great Food and Wine

Gourmet food and world-class wines. Photo: Tour de Vines



VIneyards and Wineries

Food and wine-cycling tour. Photo: Tour de Vines 


Tour de Vines is one of Australia’s leading cycling tours, which captures the major highlights of wine & gourmet regions in Australia. Their goal is easy: safe cycling that almost anyone can do, along with experiencing food, wine and gourmet treats produced locally. With cycling infrastructure such as rail trails and routes, the states best seen on two wheels are Victoria and South Australia. Tour de Vines has chosen the most incredible cycling destinations and routes which include the routes from Beechworth to Bright, Murray to Mountains Rail Trail, North East Victoria and through the Barossa, Clare Valley & McLaren Vale wine regions. They do not only offer scenic bike rides but also the best wine country trails offering great food and wine.


Tour de Vines Lunch An easy day tour includes bike, lunch, wine tastings provided by Tour de Vines. Photo: Tour de Vines




 Bicycles for the tours. Photo: Tour de Vines


With Tour de Vines, you get to choose between a group-guided or self-guided tour where everything is provided and arranged for you. Offering tours for three states - Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales, Tour de Vines has chosen the best cycling routes for this one-of-a-kind adventure. In Victoria, you have the option to go on gourmet cycling tours that can last from 5 days through to easy day tours. It can include their signature and iconic Murray to Mountains Rail Trail Tour which is complete with meals, accommodation, local guide, wine tastings, gourmet food, luggage transfers and transport. In South Australia, you can visit world-class cellar doors for wine tastings whilst cycling a relatively easy trail across the Riesling Rail Trail on the Tour de Clare Valley or choose the Tour de McLaren Vale. You can also have those two trails combined for a 6-day Tour de SA Vineyards - the options are diverse! In New South Wales, Tour de Vines offers a 2-night cycling tour in Mudgee, a mecca for food and wine lovers and with roads that are completely flat, which is perfect for cycling. You can choose among 3 types of accommodation - local (3 star), comfy (3-4 star) and luxury (4-5 star).



 Arranged accommodation for tours. Photo: Tour de Vines



Tour de Vines 2 Cycling along the vineyards trail. Photo: Tour de Vines  


There are many different ways to see Australia. You can go by plane, car, train or by bus. But for an intimate view of exciting places, peddling your way around Australia’s beautiful countryside with Tour de Vine's unique offering is an incredibly rewarding experience. Some travel destinations are best explored by a bike to make the most of little-known local stops and scenic views. You will not only be healthier for it, but you’ll also feel more connected to the people and places around you and be more appreciative of the little details along the way. Tour de Vines gives you exactly that.


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