Holiday House Deals

Not Just a Stay... It's an Experience!

Holiday House Deals

Not Just a Stay... It's an Experience!


Commission Free Advertising for Holiday Rentals



Feature Advertising







You Get:

12 Month Full Page Ad on our Website
with Influential Content Created by our Team
(Value $500)


2 Powerful Inbound Links to your Website
or FB Page from our Highly Trafficked Site
(Value $500)

for 3 months

Savvy Advertising







You Get:

3 Facebook Ad Posts (Value $750)

3 Email Newsletter Ads (Value $750)

Links to your Website Feature 



(Value $1,000)

for 6 months

Explosive Advertising







You Get:

Powerful Advertising Campaign Designed to

get Explosive Exposure and Grow your

Facebook Audience (Value $1,500)


SOCIAL MEDIA & EMAIL (Value $1,500)



for 12 months

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frequently asked questions

+- What happens after I make payment?

A member of our team will be in contact with you within 24 hours to construct your deal advertisement on our website so that we can get your holiday rental featured as soon as possible.

+- Do I have to discount at peak times?

Absolutely not! We are here to help you achieve more full paying bookings by providing maximum exposure for your holiday rental. We recognise that offering a deal is the best strategy to maximise exposure because it increases your holiday rental’s appeal and shareability, which means more people see your holiday rental advertisement. The deal you advertise is the lure and it is something that entices and appeals; but you do not discount your premium offering.

+-How do I get more full price bookings using the lure of a deal?

By promoting a deal for a less popular time of year that you’re less likely to fill, you are using an effective lure to attract bookings for other periods. We recommend that you include validity conditions such as weekdays and the winter period only, because these times are less likely to fill. When your deal is viewed and shared online, you reach more people and attract more bookings for other peak times of year. It is a proven strategy for maximum exposure.

+-How can I get more bookings during the quieter times of year?

If your objective is to achieve more bookings during the quieter times of year, you can broaden your conditions on the deal. You might choose to offer your deal for a longer timeframe (for 4 or 5 months of the year, for example), to help support your holiday rental during your off peak and shoulder seasons. This is a sound strategy for attracting bookings in the quieter times because it’s based on Supply and Demand.

+-Do I have to manage another booking calendar?

No! We do not expect you to manage another booking calendar. We don’t want to create more work for you and we don’t want you to be reliant on us in this way because it disempowers you. We are here to help you achieve more exposure so that you can manage your own bookings. Enquiries that are placed through your advertisement on our website get sent directly to you.

+- How does Holiday House Deals help me?

Holiday House Deals is the only Australian holiday rental platform that helps empower holiday rental owners. We actively encourage direct communication between holiday rental owners and customers, and we give you the opportunity to have direct links in your ad, to your own holiday rental website / facebook page. The benefits are that you can develop your own database of clients; increase the size and engagement of your facebook community; improve the SEO of your website; increase page views of your holiday rental website and more. You can use our platform to achieve your own business goals.

+- Why are bookings Commission Free?

We are the only Australian premium holiday rental platform that takes no commissions or service fees from holiday rental owners or customers. Commissions add up to thousands of dollars every year, which is a lot of money to give up. Charging commissions also tends to blur the lines and takes money that should rightfully belong to the holiday rental owner. We are an advertising platform and we serve to empower holiday rental owners.

+- How do you make my holiday rental stand out?

We have a limited supply of holiday rentals on our website at any one time so that you shine bright and get showcased as a standout feature in your region. We have a media publishing team that creates professional content for your advertisement, so that it is well written, visually appealing, attention grabbing and highly influential to achieve maximum exposure. We are in the business of making your holiday rental stand out rather than allowing it to be one of many in a cast of thousands.

+- How is Holiday House Deals different to the others?

Aside from being Australia’s only premium holiday rental site that charges no commissions & service fees, we are also Australia’s most social-media-savvy holiday rental company, using our social media platform to reach and engage with millions of people. We have much higher social media engagement than the other premium holiday rental websites. We have a market-segmented community of Australian women in the 40-65 age group who enjoy travelling within Australia, who are key influencers and decision makers at home; and who are responsible and trustworthy guests.