Holiday House Deals

Not Just a Stay... It's an Experience!

Holiday House Deals

Not Just a Stay... It's an Experience!


Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t want to miss out. How do I stay ahead of the latest deals?

Sign up to our subscription service to receive our monthly update on the current and upcoming holiday house accommodation deals.


I like the look of a deal. How do I purchase it?

Simply click on the “Buy Now” button, Proceed to Checkout and pay the voucher Deposit amount securely via Paypal. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Paypal account it is easy to use your credit card via Paypal.


How do I redeem my deal?

Upon making payment, a deal coupon will be sent to your email address with a unique code and contact details for your stay. Just call the property owner, quoting the deal and your unique code. Then it is simply a matter of reaching agreement with the owner on the dates for your holiday and making payment of the remaining amount to them to secure your reservation. We recommend calling soon after purchasing the deal and being flexible with your dates. Be prepared with at least a couple of different options. The property owner will work with you to finalise your booking at their holiday house.


How soon do I have to redeem my deal?

Don’t leave it too long. You have 1 month from purchasing the deal to make your booking with the property owner. However, you are more likely to get your preferred dates if you book straight after purchasing the deal.


I can’t reach agreement with a property owner on dates for my stay? Can I get a refund?

If you have preferred dates for your stay, we encourage you to check the owner’s availability calendar prior to purchasing a deal. We also encourage you to redeem your deal with the owner quickly after purchasing. If within 7 days of purchasing the deal you are unable to reach agreement with the owner on suitable dates for your stay, then your request for a refund will be given due consideration. Refunds will not be granted after 7 days from you purchasing the deal.


Can I change my reservation after it has been confirmed with the property owner?

If you have a genuine reason for wanting to change your reservation, we recommend discussing it with the property owner as soon as you can. There is no guarantee that your request will be granted. It will be left to the discretion of the property owner as to whether they believe your request is reasonable and if they are able to accommodate it.


Can I use my deal with another offer from the same property owner?

No, the deals are not valid with any other offers from the same property owner.